Since green is the main color of St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day, you can go green by combining these themes to have an eco-friendly St.Patrick's Day celebration at home. This is a good idea if your loved one's birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day and who is passionate about green living. You can create eco-friendly St. Patrick's day decorations in various ways. For example, take some coffee filters and create shamrocks out of them. Once you do this you can take some green paint that the paint salesperson messed up and sold at discount prices and paint the homemade shamrocks. Then paste the shamrocks on the party tables in the the living room. You can find other ideas for St. Patrick's Day decorations by reading crafts magazines.

Vegan Foods for St. Patrick's Day

Another way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in an eco-friendly way is to have a vegan meal on the holiday. Hold a potluck supper where you have guests bring their favorite vegetarian dish to the party along with some green beer and organic wines. Some meal ideas include tomato-eggplant lasagna, spinach and quinoa salad, navy beans and brown rice, tofu salad, kale and cabbage soup and roasted red bell peppers with whole grain crackers.

Other Decor Ideas

For other ideas on St. Patrick's Day decorations, you can take some leftover blank green construction paper and create St. Patrick's Day homemade cards with the kids. This teaches the kids how to reuse their old art supplies to create new crafts, which is eco-friendly. Another idea is to take some plain green T-shirts that you don't wear often and create party favor bags with them by folding the bottom parts of the shirts and sewing them to create the effect of a bag.

Where to Find Recycled Party Supplies

You can find recycled party supplies for your eco-friendly St. Patrick's Day celebrations by visiting the local recycling centers to get a few of them. Another idea is to visit school supplies stores and ask the manager if he has inventory that he doesn't plan to sell that you can have free supplies to make decorations with.

Have The Guests Come Dressed in Outfits They Have in Their Closets

To further the importance of going green at the St. Patrick's Day party, you can request that the guests arrive to the party dressed in an outfit that they did not buy at the store but instead they can wear outfits that came out of their closets.

Solar energy is all the rage these days. When people install enough panels on their homes, not only does their energy bill drop down to nearly nothing, but any energy beyond what they use is sold back to the energy company in their area for money. Solar technology is opening up a lot of avenues for eager entrepreneurs and people with money to invest. While the full applications aren’t quite known yet, it’s obvious the tech can be used to make all our lives more convenient. With devices like solar lights, buildings which were once lit up by burning coal or gas become clean.

                Installing solar lights around your home is pretty easy. Since they run on the sun, you don’t need to worry about adding cables, plugging cords into walls or knocking down plaster to install new wiring. All you do is place your lights outside, let them soak up the rays during the day, then watch as you have illumination at night. These lights, like all solar devices, operate on panels which soak up ultraviolet radiation and store it for later use, just like hard, black coal has energy stored inside of it. The energy is much cleaner so there is no nasty smoke.

                If you’re trying to do more than just light up your front lawn or a small garden, you will need much bigger, more powerful solar lights than the decorative ones found here. These run on the same clean energy storage principles as the smaller, outdoor lights, but they will need wires. Those wires will be running to a battery somewhere in your home where solar energy from rooftop panels is stored. This might sound complicated but it’s about as easy as running an extension cord from one room to another. The more lights you need, the more solar cells you should have installed atop your house.  Of course, if you're doing landscaping, it couldn't be simpler to install lighting.

                Even large-scale lighting can be accomplished with solar energy. Sports stadiums which are already huge in size can amass an awful lot of sunlight on a cloudless day. With that much power, running spotlights to keep a dark field bright during a game is easily possible. As long as the battery is big enough to hold enough energy, it can run as many devices as you want for as long as there is power. Using multiple batteries is a wise idea for purposes both large and small. Having backups is always a good plan and a couple spare batteries wouldn’t hurt you.

                The sun already does a fine job of lighting up our lives during the day. It only makes excellent sense to harness the same energy which is already there to light up the night when that burning ball of gas is out of sight. Solar energy is certainly cleaner than more traditional means of producing electricity but besides that, it’s much safer too. Because they produce literally no waste whatsoever, solar lights are an excellent alternative even to candles, torches or anything else you can think of for providing light. It’s time to get with the times and stop polluting so much.

Your kitchen is most likely where the majority of memories within your home are going to be made. It’s likely where most of them have already occurred. And as a result, this is an area of your home that needs to be highly decorated.

After all, it will be one of the main areas where both you and your family are going to be spending a large portion of their time. In order to accommodate this daily flow of traffic, you’ll definitely want to space things out in the most convenient way possible. With that being said, we are going to provide you with cost effective and simple kitchen décor ideas that anyone can apply in their home.

Kitchen Decorating 101

Keep in mind that there are four basic layouts that you can choose to have laid out for your kitchen:

  • A “Gallery-Shape” theme that has appliances that are sitting on opposite sides of one another. 
  • The “L-Shape” theme is designed to provide your kitchen with three essential elements that are all lined up one after another (fridge, stove, and sink). 
  • The “U-Shaped” theme has elements that are located on three separate walls. 
  • The “G-Shape” theme is designed to add a fourth wall to your room so that you can have more space in your kitchen for guests and additional appliances if needed. 

Before you partake in any one of these, it is essential that you understand them all. You should have a clear idea about what you’re looking for in your head before you decide to invest in any of the above themes that we just discussed.

Picking Colors for Your Kitchen

Adding the right color to your kitchen can take you a long way in regards to kitchen décor. The perfect color can capture a feeling and provide a certain mood in this area of your home. Keep in mind that more modern looks for kitchens tend to have very clean colors such as black or white and don’t tend to get too fancy in the design department. They usually have silver appliances and most of their panels are custom built very minimally.

When you are searching for items to place within your kitchen, make sure that you measure out the area beforehand. This will provide you with an exact approximation of exactly what you’ll need and what size it needs to be. For example, does your kitchen have enough space for a folding chair? How large an island would you need to purchase in order to take up the perfect amount of room within your kitchen? These are all questions that you should be asking on a regular basis.


All in all, kitchen décor is really as simple or as hard as people make it out to be. If you aren’t really sure where to proceed then there are a variety of books and online resources that you could use to get you started. Once you have an idea, see if it fits within your budget before moving forward with it.

What is the one quality about your bathroom that you dislike the most? For a lot of people, a lack of storage space seems to be their main concern. Well, the good news is that you can solve this problem quite easily by purchasing a bathroom vanity. These are basically cabinets that can be made from porcelain, stone, or wood and are used to store essential items like towels and toiletries. In the following sections, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about bathroom storage.

What Are Bathroom Vanities?

Bathroom vanities generally come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. However, they more commonly come in the form of a cabinet that contains one to two shelves. Wider vanities tend to have a lot more storage space and can provide you with the luxury of being able to store essential items when you’re not using them. For example, you’ll be able to store bathroom and cleaning supplies, towels, linens, trimmers, and other toiletries that would otherwise get in the way and take up a lot of space.

To put simply, vanities are highly essential in regards to bathroom storage. The majority of vanities are about seventy inches wide, which is relatively charge and can provide you with a lot of space. Some models are a bit wider while some are a bit narrower. In general, expect to have access to anywhere between one and three shelves to store items. Also keep in mind that you’ll be presented with all kinds of styles and designs when you go to purchase a vanity.

This means that you’ll be able to choose a bathroom storage scheme that matches the overall tone of your bathroom. A lot of home owners love wooden and marble models since they tend to offer the most visual appeal. Now, let’s move on to talk about what you should know before purchasing a bathroom vanity.

Measuring Bathroom Space

The first step that you need to take is the measure the amount of space that you have inside of your bathroom. Make sure that you do this because the last thing you want is to purchase a vanity that doesn’t fit inside of this area of your home. Remember that a smaller vanity can always fit into a larger space but a larger vanity will never be able to fit into a smaller space. Keep in this in mind when measuring your bathroom.

Determining Your Needs

Make sure that you are fully aware of what you want before you go out and start shopping for bathroom vanities. By this point, you should already have a clear idea about what you want in regards to size, color, and style. A vanity can be very convenient to have in your home and can even keep dangerous chemicals and products away from small children. If you are looking for a storage space option that is cost-efficient and simple to set up then a bathroom vanity may just be the ideal solution for you.

People’s preferred pastimes are numerous. Some are active, like baseball, football, and other such team sports, and others, more passive, like stargazing or bird watching. These latter hobbies can be quite rewarding for their practitioners, since they require them to learn quite a bit about the subjects of their observation. This kind of learning can be difficult at first, but invariably leads to a relaxing and rewarding time spent with others knowledgeable about the subject later, or in its most rewarding incarnation, spent teaching. Here, we’ll look at a few different kinds of bird feeders, to help you get started on this often overlooked pastime.

Plastic Feeders

Plastic gravity feeders are perhaps the most common bird feeders, as they’re the easiest to set up and easiest to deploy. Gravity feeders have a hole in the top that’s accessible via removal of a plastic cap. Feed is placed into this hole until the cylinder is filled, and birds have access to the feed through either one or several cuts in the bottom of the cylinder. The main advantages to these feeders are the facts that they’re cheap, easy to deploy, easy to refill, and easy to clean. Some people don’t like these feeders, however, because they’re only suitable for a certain set of birds, and sometimes can be bad for the environment (if they detach in high winds or break apart during storms, for instance). Still, they’re a great beginner’s option, and most people just getting into birdwatching can’t go wrong with one.

“Pan” Feeders

Pan feeders are dish-like feeders that are filled with food and can either be hung or laid on a flat surface. These are good for people who want an up-close-and-personal look at their birds, are attracting a specific species of bird, or just like to be able to see the birds that fly in from a better angle than might be afforded by a mounted vertical feeder. The downside to pan feeders is that most have to be refilled quite frequently, as birds have direct access to feed. This also means they have to be cleaned quite frequently. On the upside, they’re good for attracting particular kinds of birds and their mates or relatives. Pan feeders are good for birdwatchers of any skill level, but are preferred by those who have some idea as to just what they want to see.

Birdhouse Dispensers

Some birdhouse designs incorporate a bird feeder as well. These are becoming increasingly common. The advantages to these are that they tend to be well made, attract many common and fun-to-watch birds, and are easy to set up and refill. The downside is that they’re really made for just one bird at a time. This makes them well suited for those who are just getting in to bird watching and want to learn each bird species as they go along. For pure watching, however, the gravity feeders are probably a better choice. These are great for kids, however, and that makes them popular purchases for parents.

Lawn Ornaments can transform an uninteresting lawn into a place that is vibrant and alive. All it takes is to follow some decoration tips on how to transform your lawn and make it another focal point in your home.

Choose Ornaments Designed to Transform Your Space

To create a really warn and inviting place for your family and for your friends, you must choose decor that produces a great feeling. The first thing to do before buying ornaments is to think of a theme and stick with that theme. If you are looking to create a warm space, choose ornaments with warm colors. If you are looking to create a vibrant space, fill your outdoors with ornaments that has lots of colors. Just make sure that you use the same color schemes or otherwise your lawn will look disorganized. Generally, just make sure that your ornaments will enhance the environment and not overpower it.

Choose According to Your Function

If your goal is to create a more inviting space for your guests you must choose ornaments for your lawn and decorations that would support your purpose. Try to create a space where your guests can enjoy the outdoors. Try adding a small water fountain or anything of that sort. The decorations and ornaments should be warm and inviting. If you want to go with simplicity then just decorate sparsely and according to your preference.

Choose Ornaments That Are Unique

One of the goals of decorating your home is to have fun. What is the use of decorating if it feels like a chore? Try to be as creative as possible. Choose lawn ornaments that are unique and pleasing to the eye. Try a decor that easily catches one's attention. Be bold and be daring but at the same time continue to follow your theme to create a unified look.

Choose Ornaments that can be Used for Specific Occasions

Ornaments can be changed as often as you like. It really depends on you. During Halloween, you can change your ornaments to match the occasion. Have some scary gnomes or anything of that sort. Similarly, if it is Christmas have some lawn ornaments that have Christmas themes like a Santa Claus statue, an elf or a reindeer statue. Just be creative. There are many ornaments to choose from that would fit any occasion.

Choose Ornaments with a Dual Purpose

The ornaments in your home need not be for the eyes only. It could also serve some function. For example try something like a bird bath that has some decorative function but at the same time it also creates an inviting space for birds.

Your lawn shouldn't just be a boring place. See to it that you take the effort to make your lawn as beautiful as the interiors of your house. After all, your lawn is another part of your home. By choosing the right lawn ornaments, you can transform your lawn into a place that is inviting, interesting and fun.

To give an Irish look and feel to your home during St. Patrick's day, there are a number of decorative ideas available to pick and choose. There are exciting green accents and beautiful Celtic patterns that would give an Irish touch to your home. You can go through the different St. Patrick's day decorations given here and choose an option that fits your style.

Bowl or Vase Filled with Green Apples

You can place a bowl or as vase on the living room table or the bedroom make up table containing real green apples or artificial green apples. You can also use it a center piece on the dining table or place it on the book shelf.

Decorative Candle Wrapped in a Green Ribbon

Golden or a yellow colored decorative round candle can be wrapped with a green ribbon to give that green Irish flavor. Decorative pins can be used to pin the green ribbon to the candle. When the candle is lit, sufficient care should be taken in protecting the ribbon from the heat of the flame.

Dressing Table Decoration

Your dressing table can be made to wear an Irish look by having shades of green paint at specific sections of the dressing table. You can also place a large sized leaf made out of vinyl paper in one of the drawers of the dresser.

Turning your Windows Green

You can add a dash of green color to your living room windows by tying green ribbons to the center of the window curtains. To make it more attractive, a bow can be attached to the end of the ribbon.

Plastic Flower Pot with an Irish Touch

If you have a plastic flower pot, you can give the required Irish touch to the pot by attaching a green tape around the pot. You can make it more attractive by adding attractive designs to the green tape. You can place a bunch of artificial green flowers in the plastic flower pot to make it more realistic. The same flower pot can be converted in to a Pot O' Luck by planting Oxalis (Shamrock) in the pot. If you don't have flower pots, you can make use of the cups and bowls available in your home as the container for Oxalis (Shamrock) plants.

You can create that Irish atmosphere in the different rooms of your home by using creative pieces of work other than using the tried and test Oxalis (Shamrock) plants. You can do this by covering all the books in your show case with a layer of green cover. You can use the glass bowls or vases available in your living room show cases and give a coat of green paint to give that Irish touch. A clear glass vase containing green ornaments can be used a dressing table center piece.

You can also use votive candles to give that rustic Irish look and feel. The votive candle can be placed in an earthen clay pot and placed on the living room table. Some stones can be placed by side of this clay pot containing the votive candles.

With so many options available for St. Patrick's day decorations you would have a tough time in picking the right option from the list described here.
It seems like it is impossible to celebrate a holiday without decorating your house, and Easter is no exception. Decorating for this wonderful holiday is a perfect way to welcome spring into your home. Pastel colors, adorable little bunnies, and floral scents represent Easter perfectly and are commonly used in Easter decor. You must have noticed that Easter decorations are not complicated and terribly fancy like most other holiday decor items. You do not need to spend hours fastening little bunny-shaped lights to your roof, set up an Easter tree, or buy expensive costumes. All you require is an eye for details. Choose some tasteful pieces to add some festive flavor to your house. There are countless ways to spruce up your house for this joyful season, but listed below are some ideas that might grab your some appreciation from your friends and family.

1. Add some Colorful Flowers

Putting an attractive vase full of spring blooms on the dining table is a remarkably simple way of decorating for Easter. Mostly people prefer pastel colored vases with cheerful designs. Tulips and daffodils are two ideal flower choices for Easter decor.

2. Make an Indoor Bunny Garden

Indoor bunny gardens are extremely easy to set up. Plush bunnies are available everywhere throughout the year and so is the fake grass. You can make this decor idea cost-effective by purchasing plush bunnies before the commencement of Easter season and making your own grass patch.

3. Purchase Easter Linens

Laying out a tea towel or dish cloth featuring Easter themed images, such as painted eggs, flowers, bunnies and chicks is another delightful way to decorate for this holiday. Always search for festive cloth napkins and tablecloths. If you are a person who likes subtlety, opt for linens with floral prints.

4. Fill a Basket with Easter Eggs

Can Easter be complete without Easter eggs? The answer is definitely a "No." Even if you do not have kids, you still can include Easter baskets to your Easter decor theme. Plastic eggs are inexpensive and perhaps the easiest to find. For those who like sophistication, porcelain or wooden Easter eggs are also available. Arrange the eggs in a wicker basket to give a classic appearance.

5. Light Up your Life this Spring with Decorative Candles

Turn those ordinary pillar candles into a perfect Easter decorations by adding Easter candy or jellybeans around the base, preferably when the candles are placed on a table or other similar flat surface. You can also fill the bottom half of your hurricane vase with attractively colored pebbles, Easter candy, or marbles. Set a pillar candle on top of such arrangement and enjoy the charm it creates.

6. Bring the Easter Outside

Whether it is an outdoor egg hunt you are planning or an outdoor get together, placing a few Easter decor items outside will keep the celebratory vibe going. Welcome your guests with colorful Easter wreaths on your front door. Easter wreaths are available in every style, from evergreen wreaths embellished with Easter eggs to stunning ribbon-wrapped wreaths. Moreover, dress up your turf with Easter signs, preferably those made out of wood to make your Easter perfect.
The kitchen of your home is typically the hub of daily activity. As a result, you need to create a comfortable and welcoming environment that will beckon both your family and guests to come in, sit down and stay a while. A great way to create this ambiance is with the kitchen decorations you use in the space. No matter if your tastes are modern and chic or vintage with a splash of cottage charm, there are decorations that can complement the style that you wish to exude.

As you begin decorating your kitchen it is essential you tackle one task at a time. If you try to do everything at once you may become overwhelmed, causing major delays in the decorating process. The first step in any decorating project is to decide on a central theme that the entire space will be based on. Once you have made this decision you can begin choosing the decorations that will help to create a cohesive look in your kitchen. 

If you decide to paint the walls or cabinets keep in mind these tips:
  • White (or other light colors) can help a small kitchen appear larger
  • Dark colors are the perfect option for accent walls or fixtures that you want to "blend" into the space
  • Always prime the surface to ensure optimum coverage of the color you choose

The paint you add to the kitchen will help you to create that warm and welcoming feeling that you are striving for.

If you are decorating your kitchen on a budget you may not have the funds to completely replace the major appliances in the space. Instead, try changing the hardware on the cabinets and adding new tablecloths and place mats to the space.

You can also change the decorations as the seasons change. For example, purchase seasonal flowers, which are easily changed and update the decor with upcoming holidays or to mimic the colors of the season. For example, you can use brown, orange, red and gold in the fall and opt for lighter colors in the spring, such as pale blue, pink and yellow. The key to being able to do this is using a neutral palate in the rest of the room.

The decorations you choose for your kitchen should not only help create a welcoming feel for the room but also express your personal taste and style. You are sure to spend many hours cooking, talking and living in this space, therefore it should be comfortable to stay in for long periods of time. There is no limit to the looks you can create by adding custom pieces to the space as well. From paintings to sculptures and vintage pots and pans, the items you hang on the wall will create conversation pieces in the space. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity when it comes to kitchen decorations. Cut loose and let your creative eye take over to make a space that will be refuge for late night talks, tears and triumphs.