Solar energy is all the rage these days. When people install enough panels on their homes, not only does their energy bill drop down to nearly nothing, but any energy beyond what they use is sold back to the energy company in their area for money. Solar technology is opening up a lot of avenues for eager entrepreneurs and people with money to invest. While the full applications aren’t quite known yet, it’s obvious the tech can be used to make all our lives more convenient. With devices like solar lights, buildings which were once lit up by burning coal or gas become clean.

                Installing solar lights around your home is pretty easy. Since they run on the sun, you don’t need to worry about adding cables, plugging cords into walls or knocking down plaster to install new wiring. All you do is place your lights outside, let them soak up the rays during the day, then watch as you have illumination at night. These lights, like all solar devices, operate on panels which soak up ultraviolet radiation and store it for later use, just like hard, black coal has energy stored inside of it. The energy is much cleaner so there is no nasty smoke.

                If you’re trying to do more than just light up your front lawn or a small garden, you will need much bigger, more powerful solar lights than the decorative ones found here. These run on the same clean energy storage principles as the smaller, outdoor lights, but they will need wires. Those wires will be running to a battery somewhere in your home where solar energy from rooftop panels is stored. This might sound complicated but it’s about as easy as running an extension cord from one room to another. The more lights you need, the more solar cells you should have installed atop your house.  Of course, if you're doing landscaping, it couldn't be simpler to install lighting.

                Even large-scale lighting can be accomplished with solar energy. Sports stadiums which are already huge in size can amass an awful lot of sunlight on a cloudless day. With that much power, running spotlights to keep a dark field bright during a game is easily possible. As long as the battery is big enough to hold enough energy, it can run as many devices as you want for as long as there is power. Using multiple batteries is a wise idea for purposes both large and small. Having backups is always a good plan and a couple spare batteries wouldn’t hurt you.

                The sun already does a fine job of lighting up our lives during the day. It only makes excellent sense to harness the same energy which is already there to light up the night when that burning ball of gas is out of sight. Solar energy is certainly cleaner than more traditional means of producing electricity but besides that, it’s much safer too. Because they produce literally no waste whatsoever, solar lights are an excellent alternative even to candles, torches or anything else you can think of for providing light. It’s time to get with the times and stop polluting so much.


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