To give an Irish look and feel to your home during St. Patrick's day, there are a number of decorative ideas available to pick and choose. There are exciting green accents and beautiful Celtic patterns that would give an Irish touch to your home. You can go through the different St. Patrick's day decorations given here and choose an option that fits your style.

Bowl or Vase Filled with Green Apples

You can place a bowl or as vase on the living room table or the bedroom make up table containing real green apples or artificial green apples. You can also use it a center piece on the dining table or place it on the book shelf.

Decorative Candle Wrapped in a Green Ribbon

Golden or a yellow colored decorative round candle can be wrapped with a green ribbon to give that green Irish flavor. Decorative pins can be used to pin the green ribbon to the candle. When the candle is lit, sufficient care should be taken in protecting the ribbon from the heat of the flame.

Dressing Table Decoration

Your dressing table can be made to wear an Irish look by having shades of green paint at specific sections of the dressing table. You can also place a large sized leaf made out of vinyl paper in one of the drawers of the dresser.

Turning your Windows Green

You can add a dash of green color to your living room windows by tying green ribbons to the center of the window curtains. To make it more attractive, a bow can be attached to the end of the ribbon.

Plastic Flower Pot with an Irish Touch

If you have a plastic flower pot, you can give the required Irish touch to the pot by attaching a green tape around the pot. You can make it more attractive by adding attractive designs to the green tape. You can place a bunch of artificial green flowers in the plastic flower pot to make it more realistic. The same flower pot can be converted in to a Pot O' Luck by planting Oxalis (Shamrock) in the pot. If you don't have flower pots, you can make use of the cups and bowls available in your home as the container for Oxalis (Shamrock) plants.

You can create that Irish atmosphere in the different rooms of your home by using creative pieces of work other than using the tried and test Oxalis (Shamrock) plants. You can do this by covering all the books in your show case with a layer of green cover. You can use the glass bowls or vases available in your living room show cases and give a coat of green paint to give that Irish touch. A clear glass vase containing green ornaments can be used a dressing table center piece.

You can also use votive candles to give that rustic Irish look and feel. The votive candle can be placed in an earthen clay pot and placed on the living room table. Some stones can be placed by side of this clay pot containing the votive candles.

With so many options available for St. Patrick's day decorations you would have a tough time in picking the right option from the list described here.

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