Since green is the main color of St. Patrick's Day and Earth Day, you can go green by combining these themes to have an eco-friendly St.Patrick's Day celebration at home. This is a good idea if your loved one's birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day and who is passionate about green living. You can create eco-friendly St. Patrick's day decorations in various ways. For example, take some coffee filters and create shamrocks out of them. Once you do this you can take some green paint that the paint salesperson messed up and sold at discount prices and paint the homemade shamrocks. Then paste the shamrocks on the party tables in the the living room. You can find other ideas for St. Patrick's Day decorations by reading crafts magazines.

Vegan Foods for St. Patrick's Day

Another way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in an eco-friendly way is to have a vegan meal on the holiday. Hold a potluck supper where you have guests bring their favorite vegetarian dish to the party along with some green beer and organic wines. Some meal ideas include tomato-eggplant lasagna, spinach and quinoa salad, navy beans and brown rice, tofu salad, kale and cabbage soup and roasted red bell peppers with whole grain crackers.

Other Decor Ideas

For other ideas on St. Patrick's Day decorations, you can take some leftover blank green construction paper and create St. Patrick's Day homemade cards with the kids. This teaches the kids how to reuse their old art supplies to create new crafts, which is eco-friendly. Another idea is to take some plain green T-shirts that you don't wear often and create party favor bags with them by folding the bottom parts of the shirts and sewing them to create the effect of a bag.

Where to Find Recycled Party Supplies

You can find recycled party supplies for your eco-friendly St. Patrick's Day celebrations by visiting the local recycling centers to get a few of them. Another idea is to visit school supplies stores and ask the manager if he has inventory that he doesn't plan to sell that you can have free supplies to make decorations with.

Have The Guests Come Dressed in Outfits They Have in Their Closets

To further the importance of going green at the St. Patrick's Day party, you can request that the guests arrive to the party dressed in an outfit that they did not buy at the store but instead they can wear outfits that came out of their closets.

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